Sick of being Sick

I’m sick again, I’ve got a cold, I’m sick of being sick.  I am not a happy bunny.  I am in a huff.  I am throwing the toys out of the pram.  I am going to do a square eyes and watch television and not do any crafting.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this temporary break in service.  Normal service shall return at the earliest opportunity.

Though I’m not so grumpy to tell you all Happy Crafting ♥

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Free Lace Scarf Knitting Pattern

Here is a link for a very pretty scarf by Sweaterbabe, I have to say it’s very pretty and I think that it would be a perfect gift knit.

Does anyone receive Classic Elite Yarn’s Web Letter?  I get it emailed to me every Tuesday and some of the patterns are beautiful!  This week’s pattern is a reworking of the ever popular Kudzu Shawl by the talented Rachel Henry in the yarn Cerro, which is a Pima Cotton and Alpaca blend.  Although I have not used this yarn, the blend sounds beautiful, I think the alpaca will soften the feel along with the look.  There are some really pretty colours, very spring/summer like, which, I don’t know about you, but after the gloom and short days of winter, I’m just itching to get a bit of colour in my stitching 😉


Oh and on a very brief personal note, I had a spinal cord stimulator put in last September for neuropathic pain and I seen my Consultant today who is extremely pleased with me, I’ve had an excellent response to the stimulator and I feel like I am walking on air 🙂

Happy Crafting Folks ♥

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The Super Bowl: A Sex Trafficker’s Playground

I was going to post a nice little link for a free knitting pattern, but this is just too important not to rebloggd. There are no words to describe how important. Do the same. Many voices are louder than one. It’s easy to get bogged down in life, but remember, the people who are trafficked don’t get breaks, me time, craft time or any time, they are worked until they are too broken and then they are thrown away. Let us not forget these people, who deserve so much more.

Forte E Bello

In just a few short days hundreds of thousands of visitors will flood to the MetLife stadium in New Jersey for Super Bowl XLVIII. Many visitors will be coming to show their pride and cheer on their favorite team, but tragically, thousands more will be coming for something entirely different. What most people don’t know is that the single biggest game of the year has also been called the single largest human trafficking event on the planet.

Just beyond the stadium lights, hidden within the shadows will be thousands of victims, women, children and even men, caught in the inhumane web of sex trafficking. For them this day will bring something much different than football, loud cheers, hot dog stands and painted beer bellies. For them it will bring pain, abuse, repeated rapes and even fear of death. The exact numbers of trafficking cases in a given year or…

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Cross Stitch Finished Object

I have my very first finished object to share with you!  Last year my Mum got her house completely renovated and an extension built and I must say it’s fabulous,  it also is going to make her life so much easier as she’s getting on in years.  My sisters and I had bought her some new things for the house, like little house warming presents and I had intended to make something handmade,  I was either going to knit or crochet a nice throw (or afghan for US readers) but I had never gotten round to it, I still am adamant to do a throw for her at some stage and would like to try a counterpane throw.  Anyway I had been organising my crafting stash and found a sweet little Home Sweet Home cross stitch kit that I’d gotten free from The World of Cross Stitching a few years back and I realised that it is a perfect little gift for her, it suits the style of house, she will love it because the baby stitched it and she will not be expecting it, so it will be a lovely surprise for her, which is just going to make her feel extra loved and that’s always a good thing. 

So I started it last week and I finished it yesterday and I’m pleased with  been a while since I last stitched but like riding a bicycle it all came flooding back and has given me the stitching bug again!  I really do need to find extra time in the day for all the crafting I plan, though I would have more time to craft if I spent less time planning what to make and more time actually making!


Excuse my photography, the photo was taken with my mobile phone’s camera 🙂

Happy crafting all!


Procrastination and German Short Rows

Hello my name is Áine and I am a crafting procrastinator.   How many of us can say say the same?  I spend an inordinate time lookjng for my next project (even though my Ravelry queue is bursting at the seams).  I get an idea into my head and run with it, but at a snail’s pace I may add! 

So what happened was I had an urge to make a fine lace shawl and I have some beautiful laceweights in my stash, two different colours of Manos Lace, Drops Garnstudio Lace, Anniken Allis’ YarnAddict BFL Dream Lace, custom dyed as part of her Lace Lovers Club (which I highly recommend) and a beautiful Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace in a deep Cadbury purple, that was given to me as a gift last Christmas as part of a gift exchange.   I decided to use my Fyberspates and after much searching,  debating and gnashing of teeth I decided to knit Paulina Popiolek’s African Queen after reading through the instructions I saw that the shawl is shaped with short rows.  Now if you have ever used Fyberspates Scrumptious you will know that it is on the finer end of laceweight with a put up of 1000m/100g.  So I was concerned, given how fine the yarn was that any wraps made, would be highly visible, not a good look for a fine shawl, I may add.  l so I went on an internet search for the best short row techniques for shawls and quite surprisingly given the amount of information out there on short rows, there’s meagre pickings on using short rows on fine shawls.  After reading said pickings I came across the German short row technique and I have to say I’m very impressed!  This is the neatest, tidiest short row technique I’ve seen!  Even the Japanese short rows look sloppy compared with this!  Here is a link to the YouTube video and you can see for yourself. 

German Short Row Tutorial on YouTube

So what do you think?  Cool or what?  What short row technique do you use, in general and for fine lace?

I have been also working on the sweetest little piece of stitching for my Mum, which is the reason I’ve been MIA.  I promise I’ll post my FO very soon.  I can’t wait to see my Mum’s reaction!  She has no idea I’m doing it, it’s not for any occasion, just a little surprise 🙂

Happy crafting folks ♥

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