Copyright Laws

So I had this pretty blog post ready to go to press, it was a magazine review and it had all these lovely photos and I was quite proud of it, if I do say so myself!  Then I got thinking; I was going to be using photos of a project that was contained in the magazine and I thought to myself,  that this was the designer’s work and therefore subject to copyright law, not to mention that the content of the magazine is also subject to copyright law.  So being a newbie blogger and to cover myself, I decided to do a search for magazine reviews other bloggers had done and I was happy to see that not only was the cover posted, the projects were also posted.  So I don’t know what made me search out copyright permissions on posting photographs on blogs and well, my happiness was short lived.  The bottom line is that you are not permitted to post photographs on your blog or any other website (such as Pinterest you’d be surprised to know, which I’ll talk about later) without express permission from the copyright holder.   “But it’s in the public domain” I hear you cry!  It matters not.  With the million copyright infringes that occur on a daily basis,  I thought it would have been impossible to enforce,  nope, not so, this is the blog post from author Roni  Loren, that made my happiness short lived.  To say I was shocked is the understatement of the century!  I thought, wrongly so, that any mention of designer, artist, pattern etc was a great way of exposure and free advertising,  as long as the actual pattern, book, movie etc wasn’t actually posted.  I also think that the person who sued the author above, went too far in my opinion and if I was a photographer,  designer, whatever,  I would be more than happy that my name was out there.

With regards to Pinterest the responsibility lies with me to ensure that; I have permission to use, I own or the photographs/other media is in the public domain.  I now have to decide whether to delete my account fully or to spend hours deleting pins that might infringe copyright law sigh.

So what happened to my pretty magazine review post?  I shot off an email to the magazine asking for permission to use their photos.   It took me all of 5 minutes and the post will stay in drafts until I get an answer!


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