Hello World

If you are reading this,  I thank you for your time.  Let me introduce myself, I am Áine, a woman from the beautiful country of Ireland.   I live in a dormer town of Dublin,  on the coast.  I am not originally from here, being born in the North of the country and moved to the ‘bright lights’ of Dublin for work, met himself,  settled down, got married and moved to the seaside.  We have a little rescue doggie called Mini aka Mini Diablo!  Mini likes to ensure that we get plenty of exercise,  not just from walks but from running around like headless chickens because she has gotten into mischief,  tried to eat something that is not a food item, her favourite being white paper tissues, which she shreds or stealing baubles from the Christmas tree! The poor girl is a tad confused, when she is being told off for said infringement she stands there, tongue lolling out and wagging her tail!  Our girl is one of a kind alright! 

So what have I planned for this blog, you may ask, well I’m going to leave that a bit loose. I am going to share my progress (or lack of) of my makes, in which ever craft happens to be vying for attention at that time.  I am an avid craft magazine reader so each month I plan to give my thoughts on an issue and talk about it’s content,  layout, technique sections and a pet hate of mine the amount of content versus the amount of adverts in each issue.  There will be small snippets about myself, my family and friends and about life in general. 
I don’t think you’ll find anything earth shattering or original in this blog.  It’s just a simple,  down to earth and occasionally ironic blog.

Lastly Happy New Year to you all and Happy Crafting  xxx

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